Services and Certifications

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Our greatest service is saving you time with:

Error-free performance

In-house design services

Quick customer service

Expedient sourcing of unusual products

Customized kitting and other special services to increase your efficiency

Reliable Service — Accurate and timely order fill! Inventory in stock! On-time delivery! Accurate billing! Our systems are ISO 9001 compliant. That's why we are able to offer unconditional guarantees. See our GUARANTEES.

Technical Support — We pride ourselves on our technically trained and experienced sales team. We are committed to having the expertise in-house to help you solve technical problems.

Daily Delivery — We provide a daily delivery service to regular customers in most parts of our service area. Outside the service area, we provide daily UPS delivery as well as drop-ship options.

Emergency Service — We provide 24-hour service to our customers. For service after hours, call your sales representative. If you are unable to reach him or her, please call Woody Harper at 815-258-7265.

Women's Business Enterprise — We can help you meet those quotas through our certification by Women's Business Development Center, State of Illinois, and State of Indiana.

In-House Design and Specification Assistance — Our technical experts will assist you in designing electrical and lighting systems.

In-House Technical Expertise — Rely on us to source product and recommend economical solutions and alternatives.

Online Ordering and Account Management — Work at your convenience, nights and weekends. Find products, account information and your special pricing online.

Daily Deliveries — For local service area customers in most areas.

Parallel Wire Spooling — Designed to save you time, we’ll create parallel spools and deliver to local customers.

Hold-for-Release Orders — Accepting a delivery at the jobsite can be complicated. We’ll deliver in our service area when you need it.

Project Management — We’re experts at managing the material requirements from quotation and specification, through acquisition and delivery, floor by floor and room by room.

Quotations Accurate, Complete, Quick Turnaround — You can rely on us to get it right and get it done.

Emergency Service — For local established customers, service is available 24/7. Just call your sales rep or local branch manager.

EDI and Punchout Capabilities — Why duplicate efforts? Enter your order once, in your system, and be done.

Quick Service and Fast Turnaround — We recognize your time is money. We are committed to servicing you quickly whether by phone, in person, or online.

Guaranteed Reliability — Check out our Golden Guarantee. When we ask you to rely on us, we mean it!



Certified Woman Owned Business