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Shedding Some Light at the Elk's Lodge

Once a project has the greenlight, the small tasks like paperwork can take away time from the on-site work. So additional time in the office must be allotted to completing paperwork, which could slow down progress, right? A helping hand from the supplier can make all the difference in saving time and keeping the focus on the electrical and lighting work.

One such case occurred in Fall 2019 when Kelly Electric recruited Pontiac Electric Supply for renovating the lighting at the local Elk's Lodge. Mark Masching of Kelly and Jordan, Operations Manager at Pontiac Electric Supply, jointly checked out the lodge's lighting, making note of how many fixtures the exterior of the building features. Jordan went to work on quoting lighting fixtures and ensuring that the order would arrive on time for Kelly Electric to begin the updates.

When Jordan finished the order, he volunteered to complete the ComEd incentive paperwork to allow Mark and Kelly Electric to solely focus on the exterior light fixture updates. The incentive paperwork was "quite a process," Jordan said, but he wanted to make sure no one at Kelly Electric had to "worry about any paperwork." The new lighting at the Elk's Lodge was installed smoothly and brightens up the exterior and the nearby golf course.