Why Customers Choose Us

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At Gordon Electric Supply the customer is our priority: to make your project easier with the materials you need. But don't just take our word for it; see what customers are saying.

Our sales and customer service team take reliability and resourcefulness to the next level.

Great product selection and pricing

We value our relationships with our customers and manufacturers

Our customers' success is our success

In the Nick of Time

With no machinery and no work to be done on a Wednesday in January 2019, Kankakee-based snack manufacturer JR Short sent their workers home early. The wires they had purchased the previous day did not fit their current connectors. The manager called Gordon Electric Supply to order new wire and prevent another day of lost production.

When the Gordon team noticed that we did not have the wire in stock, Nick called the manufacturer of the connectors and set up a special order to ship with next day delivery.

The wires came in at 8 AM the next morning. Nick loaded the wire into his car and drove to the plant where the JR Short team fitted the wire and connectors to have the machinery back in action.