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At Gordon Electric Supply the customer is our priority: to make your project easier with the materials you need. But don't just take our word for it; see what customers are saying.


Our sales and customer service team take reliability and resourcefulness to the next level.


Great product selection and pricing


We value our relationships with our customers and manufacturers



Our customers' success is our success

Thanks A Latte!

Gobena Coffee of Gridley, IL is a wholly unique organization where 100% of their coffee sale profits are reinvested to caring for orphaned children on a global scale. In early 2021, a fire damaged their coffee roaster and it was in need of a small piece of wire.

They called Pontiac Electric Supply, and the Pontiac team sent over the needed wire that helped the coffee roaster work again. Gobena was back in action, producing delicious coffee again.

A couple of days later, a letter and a five-pound bag of coffee arrived at Pontiac Electric Supply. The letter thanked the Pontiac team for their "help getting our coffee roaster up and going after our fire…Here’s some coffee on us."