Gordon's Golden Guarantee

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Golden Guarantee

The only electrical distributor with unconditional guarantees.

Gordon goes beyond responsive service. We are the ONLY electrical distributor to back our service with an unconditional guarantee. In the event we cause you a problem for any reason, we will issue a $25.00 credit to their account.

Our Guarantee Includes:


Items on the "List of Most Popular Items" will be in stock for regularly ordered quantities.

Error-Free Order Processing and Billing

Counter, Will-Call* and Delivery Service Orders will be filled and delivered error-free. If an error occurs, re-delivery will be made promptly, according to our customer's needs. Additionally, invoices will be free of pricing and billing errors.

Timely Will-Calls

All will-calls will be ready with a minimum of one hour notice. The only exception is multiple wire-cuts. Please call for their lead times.

If we fail to meet our commitment, or for any reason you are dissatisfied with our service, please request your guarantee credit from your sales person or our controller. 

*Customers whose will calls are not ready in one hour or who identify an error before leaving the store can choose either $10.00 in cash or a $25.00 credit to their account.


Gordon Electric Supply reserves the right to withdraw the guarantee at any time for any reason at its sole discretion.