Using the Website

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Printable Website Guide

Searching Tips

Customers can search for products on our website by using the search bar in the header of the website. For best search results, search full or partial catalog numbers. If the item you are looking for does not show on the search results, that does not mean we do not have it. Please call us if you cannot find a product online.

Tips & Tricks for Easy Order Entry

Our website features a number of tools to make product ordering quick and easy. To access them, start by logging into your account on our website. If you do not have an account, you can register here.

Select the “My Account” tab near the top of the page. Under the “Product and Order Management” heading, select any of the following tools:

My Item List – A list where favorite or often purchased products can be saved. Once an item is there, it can easily be added to the Cart at any time.

My Saved Carts – A list of carts that you have previously saved. A cart can be saved and named to be quickly recalled. These carts can be used to purchase the same or modified list of items again in the future. These saved carts can also be shared with other users on your account. Some examples of types of carts that customers save are project name, type of service, and material type. An unlimited number of carts may be saved.

Quick Pad – If you know the exact quantities and part numbers of your order, you can quickly
place an order by typing them in here.

Recent Purchase Reorder Pad – A list of all the products that have been purchased on your account in the last 12 months. These items can easily be added to your cart. This list is sorted with the most recently purchased items first.

Online Account Review

To access your account information, start by logging into your account on our website. Select the “My Account” tab near the top of the page. Under the “Account Review” heading, choose one of the following

Open Bids – View any current quotations that were written by a Gordon salesperson.

Open Orders – View orders that have been placed, but not yet received.

Order history – View a history of past orders.

Account Inquiry – View billing and account balances.

Monthly Statement – View billing statements by month.

Pay credit balance online –Debit your checking account and pay by invoice